Why we make these buttons:

Amid all of the secularization of the Christmas season we wanted to find a way to help people connect and communicate the joy of Christmas on a personal level. We wanted to find a way to open up communication and dialog between people of all faiths. We thought that if we could find a way to let people know its OK to to say the "C" word in our presence, to wish each other Merry Christmas, we could begin to restore our culture's lost sense of the joy of Christmas, one person at a time. So we created the "I Celebrate Christmas" button.

Imagine going Christmas shopping and hearing a hearty "Merry Christmas" from a sales clerk. We can share with them our joy at being able to treat our loved ones to some Christmas goodies. We can offer them back a hearty "Merry Christmas".

Imagine waiting for a bus and striking up a conversation about the meaning of Christmas with a fellow passenger who sees this button and ask us why we wear it.

Imagine the relief co-workers will feel knowing that it is OK to give you Christmas (not just "holiday") greetings.

But be ready! When they see this button, people will notice and expect you to share some Christmas cheer!

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